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We've had some great events in the past and here are some photos showing what we've been up to!
Lower Nithsdale Group
Floral Workshop 2019

These photos are from a day's floral workshop and floral demonstration from our Federation Vice-President Mima Telfer at Heathhall Community Centre, Dumfries to about 30 members of the Group, giving tips for showing, tips on containers and colour combinations.Those taking part each made at least one exhibit from their own flowers.

Lower Nithsdale Group
Autumn Show 2019

These photos are from the Lower Nithsdale Group show held at the Assembly Rooms in Dumfries.  A fantastic selection from our well-supported event, with a wide variety of skills on show.    

Dumfriesshire Federation Show 2018

Easterbrook Hall, Dumfries, October 2018

A selection from the photo competition from our 2018 Federation show held at Easterbrook Hall in Dumfries. A wide range of other handcrafts and homeskills were on show. 

SWI 100th Anniversary
Garden Party

July 2017

Our celebration Tea Party held at Comlongon Castle, Dumfries  

The event also celebrated the 95th anniversary of Dumfriesshire Federation. 

You can see the SWI Institutes bunting in the background, made especially to celebrate the day.  Each Institute has its name embroidered on the bunting.

Georgetown SWI
2019 Fund Raiser

June 2019

A selection of photos from our summer Pudding Club. Everyone invited had had their lunch, and were ready to dig into the 22 different desserts on offer, with a large glass of wine or a cup of tea..!

Christmas Tree Festival,
Dumfries 2019

Held in St John's Church, Dumfries in early December 2019, and organised by Dumfries Flower Club.  Over 80 trees were displayed in the church, and this one is by Georgetown SWI, with the blue and gold SWI theme.  The event raised a great deal of money for local charities.


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