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Baby Hats & Twiddlemuffs!!

As our current President Helen's daughter is a nurse herein Dumfriesshire she asked "Mum do you think your 'Rural' friends could knit a few Twiddlemuffs for the hospital?" What a selection was created and presented to Senior Charge Nurse Linda Hughes from DGRI at our Centenary Show. Also the "Given pattern" knitted hat for a premature baby competition yealed 31 competitive entries and around 150 non competitive, one member knitted 100. These where donated to the DGRI Neonatal Unit and presented to Mo Smith a Senior Charge Nurse at the unit.

Linda Hughes, Senior Charge Nurse C4. received the twiddlemufs from president Helen Braid on behalf of DGRI.

Some of our beautiful creations!

President Helen Braid presents the baby hats to Mo Smith, Senior Charge Nurse at the Neonatal Ward DGR


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