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SWI and Covid-19 News

SWI has produced guidance in relation to Covid-19 for Federations and Institutes. Please note, this guidance changes as Scottish Government advice changes and is appropriate at this current time.

At a recent zoom meeting of the Handcrafts & Homeskills Committee, one of the subjects for discussion was the arrangement for the certificates. 

Due to various reasons, such as whether venues would be open and also members safety,   the committee decided that the Spring 2020 and Autumn 2020 Certificates that should have taken place this year, will now take place next year. 

For example Federations that were due to have their certificates in Spring 2021 and Autumn 2021 will now be able to sit them in Spring and Autumn of 2022.  The deadlines for the 2022 certificates will now be October 2021 for Spring 2022 and 1st March 2022 for Autumn 2022. This will affect future Federations eligibility to sit their certificates.

Federation and Handcrafts & Homeskills Secretaries have now been informed. Please contact your secretary or the Handcrafts & Homeskills Events Co-ordinator. Email:

In the meantime, please bear with the SWI as we try to adjust to the current circumstances which has had a profound effect on all SWI events.


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