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Zoom! Zoom!

At this present time, to keep members in touch and to keep Institutes together, we feel the way forward is to meet virtually via the Zoom platform. Zoom enables Institutes to hold virtual meetings with those members who have the means to join in.

Zoom is very easy to use and some Institutes are already using it to hold their monthly meetings and are now planning demonstrations etc via the Zoom platform.

We realise that some members would need help with this, and we were going to suggest a buddying system could be set up. However, this is now not possible due to the further restrictions imposed by the Government.

The Executive Committee has been meeting via Zoom since June and have found it to be very beneficial to us all.

Dumfriesshire Federation now has an account with Zoom and this platform can be used to hold your Institute meetings by making a request to your Group President.

For more information on the Federation's Zoom account click here.

Getting the most out of Zoom
Download PDF • 829KB

We also wish to make everyone aware that Dumfriesshire Federation will be holding their annual AGM via Zoom on Saturday 5th December 2020 at 10am.

To assist everyone to log on etc and to become accustomed to the process, a practise run has been organised for Saturday 28th November at 10am. Could those members wishing to join the meeting, please let me know, as you will need to be sent an invite with a link to follow to enable you to access the meeting. 

We look forward to seeing you at one of the meetings.


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