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Our head office is home to our national committee and the organisation of our national events, training and certification for our members wishing to take some of the skills they have learned to another level.  Also available from The SWI website is a selection of merchandise.

Certification & Training

There is a wide variety of certification available for members wanting to become judges in a specific field as well as general certification for members interested in testing their stills at a higher level.

The Handcrafts and Homeskills Committee is responsible for all matters relating to Handcrafts and Homeskills and ensures a high standard in design, craftsmanship and judging of competitions, ensuring that judges are competent and that their skills are relevant and up to date.  As well as the organisation of the Handcrafts and Homeskills proficiency certificate programme, the classes, schools and competitions ensure that judges are competent and that their skills are relevant and up to date.

Along side the Handcrafts and Homeskills Committee there is the Education and International Committee which is responsible for promoting interest and encouraging participation in further education, the arts, Scotland’s heritage and culture and considers all relevant education and training appropriate for the organisation and its members. 


The "Women Together" magazine is now online only.


We welcome all members to contribute with their own images, articles and news.

Simply email


Did you know we have a range of SWI merchandise for sale? From badges to cookery books, and tote bags to baseball caps, there will be something for you.


Sales are made at the quarterly Federation meeting where you can see many of the goods on display. Your Institute Federation delegate who attends the Federation meetings will pay for and collect items for you.

You can see all the items available to buy online on the SWI Shop website.

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